Hey everyone!

I have not blogged in a long time, but my friends convinced me by saying that they would love to know some nutrition and exercise tips! I have been on this journey since 8th grade, learning how to become healthy and not starve myself on a diet. People usually think that healthy living is boring and unsatisfying, that exercising is stupid and pointless, and that eating junk food is considered living life to the fullest. I am here to tell you that being healthy and fit has changed my life. I have become happy, more self confident, and I have the ability to do things that I never thought were possible. Ultimately, it has led me to become a certified personal trainer and study nutrition to help others change their lives too. I have decided to post on this blog twice a week about new recipes that I have made and are unbelievably delicious. Following the recipes, I will post two new exercises that will make you feel so good afterwards!

I am not here to tell you that carbs are a nightmare, that saturated fat is poison, or that you should exercise everyday of the week until you feel like fainting. I am realistic. I know how the real world works. I know life can be stressful and things get in the way. But if you go little by little, every time you take one more step, I believe that is progress.