I am Jewish, so every week I make a few different healthy recipes for Sabbath. Here is one that I used this past weekend: it is homemade marshmallow fluff that I found on chocolate covered katie’s website. She is amazing. I put this in between two graham crackers with chocolate chips and froze them. It tasted just like s’mores. Here is the recipes: http://chocolatecoveredkatie.com/2015/04/30/healthy-vegan-marshmallow-fluff/11109214_882924145100236_210899361579552870_n

I also made quinoa crusted chicken cutlets that were delicious! It has the perfect amount of protein and the chicken came out crispy just like fried chicken. http://lecremedelacrumb.com/2014/12/quinoa-chicken-nuggets.html11206792_882924455100205_7611885986818829543_o (1)

Now this pie was delicious. It was chocolate, fudgy, healthy, and all frozen into one! You do not need to bake and it’s quick to make. All you need is a food processor. http://ohsheglows.com/2014/10/31/double-dark-chocolate-coconut-macaroon-tart-vegan-gluten-free-grain-free/1545979_882924161766901_5474297861660341385_n

On to the exercises! My favorite exercise has become the plank. There are so many different kinds that I would love to explain  so every week I will show you how to do a different type of plank. Do 4 sets, 10 seconds each to start, and work your way up to a minute every time you attempt to do it again.

For starters, start in a plank position. you can stay here for 10 seconds and then work your way up to a minute. This is a total body workout, working your shoulders, entire core, and legs. If you are more advanced, you can try a plank on a stability ball and if you are even more advanced you can balance on of your arms on a medicine ball like so-11078187_10206527879019734_8507026906362531851_o , but this takes a long time to conquer so its ok if you do not get it on the first try.

Another type of exercise that is amazing for your triceps is a tricep dip-you can try the beginner version on a bench or on the floor. The advanced version is when you put your feet up on another bench like this-11053466_10206843063939160_6991768109089324128_o

If you guys have specific exercises you want to learn, let me know! Also, I cannot stress enough if you cannot do one exercise, do not let it get you down. This whole journey is a process, something that does not happen in one day!