So many people have asked me about fad diets and I personally do not agree with them because they only work short term. Once you lose the weight, you gain it right back because it is to hard. For example, this week I was diagnosed with IBS or known as irritible bowl syndrome that has since around November began scarring my lungs making my asthma even worse. In order to see what I should eat, when, and what medication I should go on my doctor recommended me to go on a liquid diet. MY first reaction was I AM GOING TO STARVE- trust me, ask my parents and siblings, I thought they wanted to kick me out of the house I was so annoying. That night my sister and I went to Whole foods and let me tell you we spent a fortion trying to get smoothies and drinks that will somehow keep me full. So we found different types of coffees and drinks that the only sugar added was cane sugar and they were low in fat, calories, and carbohydrates with fiber still there! they were actually pretty good, but make sure to ice them!!! I also found this ice cream that really is so good!! It is only 35 calories a serving with 5 grams of sugar! I was in shock!! I used these in smoothies and they were necessary because I was dying for something that actually could satisfy me.  Artic_Zert_Pint_Hintofmint

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I thought I would starve during this whole process but so far it is not terrible! Could I handle this the whole week, OF COURSE NOT! A YEAR, NEVER! But a day to just cleanse, I would!! But I would have to make sure to get enough calories and every other nutrient needed!!