My cousin posted on my comment this week “What’s a realistic lifetime diet?” MY answer to that is that when you want to lose weight, gain muscle, or be healthy you cannot live on a diet. diet means that there is something being restricted and like the say when you do not have something, you crave it more. Try not having chocolate for a week and all youll think about is having chocolate- its torturous. My advice is that you take it a step at a time. IF you drink 5 diet sodas a week, try to cut it down to four and then three. Eating healthy is a process. Completely cutting something may help some people like me, but most people it just makes them depressed or more hungry. Take my dad for example. He hated vegetables, fruits, and most healthy foods. So what my sister and I did was start to give him one vegetable at a time that physcially appealed to him. For example, we took a sweet potato and made it into fries instead of white potatoes, we took white dough and made it half/half white whole wheat dough, and every week at the grocery store we pick out a new vegetable to try. We take it one step at a time and so far it has been completely successful. You can start replacing donuts and chips with something that is less caloric. Remember its not about having a diet, its about being healthy and not starving yourself!! You can have one day that is horrible and still  be healthy the next day. One day does not make a difference, even a week does not, but being healthy does give you more energy, and it lowers your chances of getting sick now or in the future. It makes you feel so much happier and that you are actually living your life in a good way!

I made two things this week that I thought were delicious:


11411647_891253784267272_1197040392578262567_o  These are hamburgers made out of turkey chopmeat with sauteed onions and “fried brown rice.” the fried rice is made out of brown rice and then thrown into a wok with eggs, little chicken soup broth, and a little reduced sodium Tamari sauce. The burger has Tamari sauce, liquid amino garlic sauce, liquid smoke, and sesame oil!! It was healthier and still delicious. If you would like the directions to cook it let me know!

The second thing was 11407022_891657644226886_2497580305761170869_n Banoffee Pie that has a homemade toffee and whipped cream! It looks and sounds amazing!


Part two of legs!!

Who likes lunges??

images (3)This is what lunges work out in your body. Your glutes, hamstrings, and quadraceps.

download (1)

This is a glute bridge that works your butt, quads, and core!

images (7)This is an advanced version of a glute bridge that works your calves, quads, and gluts.

images (6)  This is a leg lift with a plank that works your core, legs, and butt. When you lift your leg dont hyperextend your legs. Make sure it is the same level as your hip.

images (4)This is a jump lunge that is a pylometric exercise that is cardio and works your quads majorly and your hamstrings!!

images (5) This is a donkey kick!

images (2) This is a side lunge that works your inner thighs and hips

18863-1_nThis is a single legged lunge that is a little more advanced but it works wonders!

6-13_lungesThis is a simple lunge that you can do 3 sets of 10 on each leg every other day and your legs will look great after a few weeks!