Today, I went a little overboard on the new recipes that I found, but they are so easy, healthy and taste like the original! This week I shadowed a few clients and realized that they all had one thing in common- they all make the excuse that buying food out saves so much time and money, that they can still find healthy options at a resutraunt. The last part may be true, but some people do not realize how much they are actually eating. For example, lets say someone buys a salad and they put dressing on- whats in the dressing, how caloric is it, does it have any sugar added to it. Another example is lets say someone buys a slice of pizza with a side salad, but at least for me I know that if I get one slice I want another. Plus, once again you do not know whats in it. Obviously, eating out once a week its perfectly ok, it is actually suggested (or having one cheat day/meal a week). This is because when you et differently one day of the week and with mroe calories, your metabolism is actually boosted and you could lose more weight. However, if you are doing more than once a week, it could have negative effects. I can give you a story:

This week we ordered veggie heaven for dinner and my sister and I split the sesame beef. Little did I know that it was fried. Of course it tasted delicious, but something fried vs. something in a wok or just put in a sauce nutritionally is highly significant. I cannot emphasize enough that yes eating out may be delcious and less time consuming, but because you do not know what is put in it, if you are aiming for weight loss, it is not your best option. You can try many recipes, make them in bulk and save them for the week: grilled chicken, soup, a ziti you can prepare the night before and jsut warm it up the next day, beans are quick, you can buy bagged lettuce, frozen vegetables, frozen whole grain/ gluten free waffles, or make a sandwich. These are all quick easy ways to prepare your meals so that you do not have to spend to much time on them.

Here is what i made this week

FullSizeRender (12) This is fehttuchini Alfredo healthy version and it tastes so good!

FullSizeRender (9)Roasted broccoli, cauliflower, and zucchini with nutritional yeast (p.s. it tastes like cheese)

FullSizeRender (10)Roasted asparagus with lemon juice 🙂

FullSizeRender (11)FullSizeRender (8)

Coffee cake yummy!! its tastes so good and like real coffee cake!

FullSizeRender (7) FullSizeRender (6)

These are my favorite! I made blueberry or chocolate chip mini muffins with maple funfetti icing for the top!

Everyone says that learning how to do a headstand is so hard and crazy, but honestly yes it does take time and practice and balance but its a good workout and totally worth it when you accomplish it. practice first by the wall. overall this is the process:


1. do a tripod

2. slowly lift your legs up- remember all the power comes from your core, not your arms, not your legs, but your entire core. 10648636_10206523454589126_2051897071362027741_o

3. at first let your legs hit the wall11082314_10206527804097861_8837073534609222050_o

4. slowly try to come off a little by little, by challenging yourself by splitting your legs on the wall or stretching one leg out while the other stay straight. eventually as your practice you will get off the wall and it feels so good!


Then, you can learn to do different tricks!

11082401_10206501102830346_7879124972208180212_o 1381164_10205531006858553_4086631981899760406_n 11027980_10206379807198031_6793353599027424167_o  10944854_10206583798017674_9206259830660040296_o 11130195_10206583811298006_7858715500878229790_o  11012161_10206905299135001_3901385977937537701_o