Hey everyone!

so this week at work, my boss and Sue Krauss gave a lecture on nutrition myths and most people thought the myth was true so I thought it was a good idea to go through it with you to show everyone what is reality and what is not.

    1. well actually if you eat lower than 1200 calories your body needs to get energy somehow and because fat has more energy than carbs, your body converts anything you eat into fat and that contributes to weight gain. It lowers your metabolism, your body adapts to this conditions which also contirbutes to weight gain. Another way that its dangerous is that when you do not eat at all, your body goes into fight or flight and starts taking energy from where ever and if you do not have any food in you for to long, your body will find it in your organs and your body can shut down.
    2. so what you do is you eat either above 1200 calories or use a specific formula to calculate what you should be eatng with your energy level! let me know if you want me to calculate this for you! it is the most accurate way to calculate your caloric intake than any other.
  2. carbs are bad for your
    1. carbs are your main source of energy and 45%-65% of your diet should be carbs and if not it leads to faitgue, headaches…. just do not get them from bagels, white rice, sushi, potato chips. instead get them from fruit, vegetables, grains beans.
  3. a low fat diet is better
    1. your diet should consist of 20-35% fat because its used for cell membranes, precurso for hormones and aids in vitamin absorption. aim for monounsaturated and polyunsaturated found in fish, nuts, beans, coconut oil, olive oil…
  4. gluten free diet is better for you
    1. actually gluten free products, many of them have more calorie than regular items. gluten is just a protein. only people with sensitivity or celiac disease should be on a gluten free diet
  5. ill lose a lot of weight if I wear layers and sweat
    1. you are just losing water weight when you sweat and it does not let your body cool effectively so the workout is not as effective
  6. low-fat, low-sodium, sugar free is better for you
    1. many foods with these labels have added ingredients to compensate for the fact they that took something out so you always have to look at the ingredient label.
  7. eating close to bed time will make you gain weight
    1. this depends on your situation. if you are someone who goes to sleep at 2 am and the last time they eat is 10pm it will not effect you that much. However, if it is a piece of cake vs. carrots and hummus it might have an effect. Most people if they go to bed at 11 or 12 should stop eating around 8. But if you are one of those people who cannot go to sleep hungry, have a small snack of air pop popcorn, unsalted pretzels, something light.
    2. If you have acid reflux or any stomach problems it is not recommend because your metabolism does slow down when you sleep and it will cause more discomfort.
  8. foods lower on the glycemic index are better for your body than those higher on the glycemic index.
    1. some healthy foods can be found on the higher end like carrots while some unhealthy foods can be found on the lower end. so it depends.
    2. fibers, fats and proteins are lower GI
    3. if you have something that is high on the GI than you can pair it with a healthy protein which lowers the GI because it takes longer to process in the body which is does not do when eaten alone
  9. eggs raise cholesterol levels
    1. Dietary cholesterol in food has a smaller effect on biochemical lipid values than fats in the diet. Eggs are a source of protein, b12, vitamin d, folate, choline, riboflavin, carotenoids. Healthy adults can have one a day and those with heart disease or diabetes should have 3 per week
  10. coconut oil is a miracle fat
    1. limited evidence on this but because it is a medium chain fatty acid instead of long chain, it takes longer to digest making you more satiated and fuller longer. it may raise HDL and lower LDL but remmeber it is a saturated fat so limit the amount you have <10% of your daily value.

This week I made an amazing meal. IT was a dumpling dough made out of chickpea flour, water and oil with spices (i kind of made up the recipe) with either meat stir fry or veggie stir fry. On the side i made yuca fries that were amazing! Yuca is basically like a potato


FullSizeRender (15)

Today, I made a peanut butter chocolate chip cookie pie which is going to go along with a chocolate ice cream! FullSizeRender (14)


LAstly, i made maple banana pecan scones that taste so good with coarse salt on the top! IMG_3195


I started a new exercise this week. its called a high plank to squat. You can reform it to do a squat to high plank and push up to make it more intense. images