I have recently been noticing a lot lately that my friends and family are having trouble with the number they see on the scale. When I first started my weightloss journey, I have to be honest, I became addicted with looking at the scale. I already had comments made to me that I was fat, curvy, nicknamed thunder thighs, I would not wear a bathing suit because of all the stares I got, and the best part was when my doctor told me that if I keep gaining, it will not be good. So I befriended the scale, looking at my weight twice a week to see if I lost anything. I was eating healthier, I started exercising, but the weight was just not going down. I started on the scale at 150 pounds at a height of 5’3. But because the number on the scale was not going down, I started to get even stricter on my diet and once I did that I started to see the numbers go down. As a result, I got stricter and stricter in my diet and kept looking at the scale because I was seeing results so that must mean the less I eat the better the scale will look. I did this to the point where I was checking my weight everyday looking for  my goal weight at 125 pounds. During one summer at Moshava sleep away camp, their food was disgusting to me because it was all unhealthy (I used to be able to easily eat 4 slices of pizza in one sitting, but my perspective changed) I got so strict to the point in camp where all I ate was vegetables, fruit, whole grains, and cereal. I lost 10 pounds in 2 and a half weeks and got down to 129. I was so much happier even though I was not being healthy.It became an obsession, AN ADDICTION.

I have seen this also in my friends and family. They befriend the scale and come to say hi basically every day or even four times a week and when they dont like the number, they get depressed and either eat to much or eat to little. MY dad started to weigh himself and then on monday mornings after a weekened he would weigh himself!! that is the worse thing you can do. Because on the weekends, you eat more, are less active during the day, your body holds onto that food more (most people bloat a little) and then you tend to weigh more! Mondays are off limits in my book!! Its not a real number.

so rule number one:

  1. do not weigh yourself on monday
  2. do not weigh yourself after you ate late the night before
  3. do not weigh youself after you ate fast food or take out the night before
  4. do not weigh yourself if you do not sleep well
  5. do not weigh yourself after you have eaten
  6. do not weigh yourself if you have had alcohol the night before
  7. do not weigh yourself if you had a cheat meal the night before

THE GOAL IS TO WEIGH YOURSELF IN THE MORNING BEFORE YOU EAT OR DRINK AND IF YOU ATE HEALTHY THE DAY BEFORE! THAT WILL BE YOUR REAL WEIGHT! But I recommend weighing yourself either on Thursday morning (if your party on thursday nights) or friday morning (so you know you can cheat on the weekends if the number is good)

I cannot emphasize enough that losing weight is not a competition, its something you do for yourself to make yourself feel good, to do it in a healthy way, to not become obsessed! If anyone would like to contact me about any of their issues my e-mail is kreitmanajk@gmail.com

now heres a recipe 🙂

http://chocolatecoveredkatie.com/2013/01/23/homemade-peanut-butter-oreos/ FullSizeRender (16)