In every magazine, you hear the questions, “are you curvy, apple or pear shaped, thin, big boned…” What are these words besides labels people decided to give people who did not look like stick thin models. Over the past decade, we have seen in every magazine, fashion show a certain stereotype of woman- stick thin size 0, flat chested, tall women or even six pack, tall, toned men. Over the past year. Certain magazines decided to post ads or covers with plus size models. People started to ask me. “Should that be allowed” “that’s not promoting healthy” some people even say they are ugly and have terrible bodies. I think that those people don’t understand the concept of a body.

the body is a complex thing made up of living cells I the body, with muscles, tendons, joints, organs, but even more so fat cells. Every single persons body is different. It works differently and functions differently and reacts differently. You can have two people who run everyday,  and eat healthy but one be heavier than the other. That doesn’t mean they are not healthy! Fat in the body is affected by multiple things: medicine, illnesses such as depression and anxiety basically anything stress related, food, lifestyle, and others. But yet everyone is still defined by the same set of labels.

it is because of those labels that have caused low self esteem and confidence, bullying, judgement on people who don’t look like models, and consequently the more negative comments a person gets the more depressed and heavier they become( unless used as a motivator)  being a person who fell victim to such negative comments understands how hurtful they can be!!

so before a person defines someone else’s body, think- how would you feel if someone defined your body? If someone put you down because you were heavier even though you are made up of entire muscle (like an athlete) if someone put you down because you were flat chested and had no butt bc of genetics. If someone called you big and fat because of a fat gene( there is such a thing)

Moral of the story is don’t define your body based off of labels or what other people tell you what yor look like. Define yourself base on how you and base on What you see!

Here are some cool healthy recipes that you can try.

FullSizeRender (22)

Instead of fattening egg salad, you can make it out of chickpeas and avocado!

FullSizeRender (23) these are fun snowball donuts!!

FullSizeRender (18) These are quinoa sloppy joes on a 100% whole wheat bun! it was so good and instead of ketchup i used no salt added marinara and added my own spices

FullSizeRender (17) These are donut muffins that are made with spelt flour