Hey everyone!

You know when guys at the gym look at the girls in the mirror or through their peripheral vision check the girls out who are working out by them? you know when they started really working out hard to impress the girl if she is pretty? you know when girls get dressed up, where nice workout clothes or sometimes less clothing, put make up on, straighten their hair to impress the guys at the gym? You know when girls workout harder because of the hot guy working out by them?

we all do it! I do not think there is one person on this planet who does not. I know for sure I do! When the football players come to my gym at work to workout, I definitely workout harder than usual. but honestly, I go to the gym 5-6 times a week and I see the same girls and guys getting dressed up to go the gym or dressed down in no clothes. why they do it, I dont know. The gym is somewhere where people can get there stress out, get down and sweaty, do their routine, have fun training with their friends, have a good time, but putting on makeup and straightening your hair in the morning just to get all sweaty and gross whats the purpose?

I think looking gross and being sweaty at the gym should be a rule! you should embrace your true sweatiness and your sweaty side! My sister once said that she wishes she would come out of the gym looking like Taylor swift does! But why?? if you did not sweat, that means that you did not have a good workout (maybe just stared at a guys butt doing squats) working out at the gym should be about your own personal goals and your own routine and sometimes it can be social with your friends and people you meet ( i make friends all the time at the gym), but checking people out and getting dressed up eh… save that more for when you go to a party, bar, or club!

healthy recipes!!

I made two types of popsicles this weekend! they are ready yet so i couldnt take a picture, but this is what they look like!




cookies-and-coconut-milk-Popsicles-13 (1)

Then I made peanut butter rice krispie treats made with coconut milk, peanut butter, vegan marshmellows, and brown rice krispies! and i sprinkled coarse salt on top! yum!!

FullSizeRender (25)

I also made a tofu ricotta cheese! Now i hate ricotta cheese but this was so good!!  This is the recipe!! FullSizeRender (26)