Hey guys!! I know that all of you have heard of all the different FAD diets like Atkinds, zone, paleo… A lot of people can last a long time on these diets, however for a majority of the world- its a short term thing. They will lose the weight or commit for a few months and then give up! Another FAD diet people hear about is juicing. Yes the vitamins and minerals in juices are good for you, but to be honest its mostly empty calories. Who knows the difference between a complex carb and a simple carb??

complex carbs are digested slower than sugars causing you to feel fuller longer, but not all complex carbs are created equal. White rice is also a complex carb but its also processed. has less nutrients, and fiber. Other examples are white bread, white potatoes, white rice, anything highly processed. Eat more green vegetables, sweet potatoes, brown rice, beans, seeds, and legumes and 100% whole wheat products.

Simple carbs are processed sugars that are digested quickly for that quick burst of energyfollowe by that quick crash. In high amounts, they can higher triglycerides or fat levels in the blood that contribute to a higher risk of heart disease. BUT SIMPLE SUGARS ARE ALSO FRUIT SUGARS BUT THEY ARE NOT THE SAME AS PROCESSED SUGAR.  their sugars are naturally occuring and contain vitamins, minerals, and fiber that our body needs. Eat less: high fructose corn syrup, candy, soda sports drinks unless your blood sugar drops very quickly during a workout, cookies and donuts. bottom line: EAT MORE FRUITS. BECAUSE OF THE FIBER IN THE FRUIT, THE SUGAR WILL BE DIGESTED SLOWER KEEPING YOU MORE AWAKE AND KEEP YOU AWAY FROM THAT NASTY CRASH!!!

This is what i made this week!

cinnamon buns!


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Maple peanut butter ice cream sandwiches!


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Happy birthday to my sisters!! from the Erin Mckenna bakery with the frosting done by me!

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