Healthy mind, Healthy body — October 29, 2015

Healthy mind, Healthy body

Hey Everyone!

Recently, I have met some people that have talked to me about healthy eating and effort. Yes, forcing yourself to eat healthy takes effort, going to the gym and working out takes effort, but when you think like that, being healthy becomes such a negative concept.

“I have to be so strict this week and then I can cheat”

“Working out takes effort. I just do not have that”

“I am so restricted from eating healthy that I just don’t want to do it anymore”

These are all statements that I hear and I am not saying they are not right, it is just your perspective. Being healthy should not be about restricting yourself. It is about knowing what your body needs, when it needs it, and why its necessary. Today, we have all this processed food and yes, some it actually is better nutritionally processed but others like Yodell’s  basically are death in a delicious chocolate roll, but your body does not want that or need it. I am not saying you cannot indulge because trust me I love chocolate way to much to not do that, but eating processed food has proven to ruin sleep, stress your body, make you sluggish, but ultimately it just hurts your body.

Last year was a hard year for my family. My dad at the time who was not eating so well, developed a gall bladder infection that almost killed him. A few weeks afterward he had a heart attack because most of his heart was clogged with plaque. Plaque i fatty deposit build up in the arteries causing your heart to push harder and a reduction in blood flow. He had to have 3 stents put in to make up for it. After this, he started his new journey with a high body fat percentage. Something needed to change in his diet and his lifestyle in order to prevent this from happening every again. MY sisters and I developed a plan with my dad where he would eat a new vegetable once a week and start prepping his own food and every 3 weeks he cant indulge on Chinese food. He started going back to the gym and began taking all these new classes: zumba, yoga, kickboxing and fell in love with it because it was an outlet. He started this journey with the same idea- it takes so much effort, I dont want to do this attitude. But as time went on, he goes to the gym to relax because of it. Being healthy becomes a part of you. He continued to eat healthy on the diet that I implemented with help from my sister, which led to him being 17% body fat! Thats TIny! Not only that, but my dad is a type 2 diabetic. He began with a hemoglobin A1C (Test that measures glucose concentration in your blood) at 9.3 very very high, but because of diet and exercise he is at 6.3 and almost at the point where he no longer needs medication.

His mindset of eating healthy and exercise went from uch to yay; I dont want to do this to lets do this!; from I can only walk a few miles to lets do a 5k! MY dad is an inspiration but he became the epitome of having a healthy mind leads to a healthy body.

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