Definition of Unhealthy — November 3, 2015

Definition of Unhealthy

It seems to be a reoccurring theme where people do not actually understand what the word “unhealthy” means. When people hear the words ice cream, french fries, mac n’ cheese, burgers they think these are unhealthy and you in order to lose weight you have to cut these out of your diet completely. On the other hand, people then believe that healthy means only eating fruits, vegetables and protein and to cut all carbs out of your diet.

With every success story that I have hear from someone, the only way to live healthy long term is to know what these terms actually means. The word healthy means in good health! That means that you want your body to be in good health. You want it to be disease free.

you can go 2 extremes: saying that I am not gaining any weight but I am eating all this crap. Every single persons body is different. People digest and store food differently but that does not mean you are not affecting you body. I know someone who told me that all they did was eat crap and they lost weight because guess what? Those foods do not have many nturients- nutrients build healthy bones and muscle which weigh more than fat. So you may be losing weight, but it is not the right kind of weight. Also, thier mood was significantly different. They were tired, cranky, moody, did not want to do anything that involved exercise. This may not effect you now but in the long term it will.

On the other hand, if you starve yourself, your body will take the nutrients from your bones and organs, break that down and it cause serious illnesses. I can speak from experience. 2 summers ago, my asthma began to become extremely worse, so my doctor put me on a medication that caused me to become nautious and as a result I barely ate. I was eating maybe 800 calroies a day. In the beginning I was so happy because I lost weight, but as time went on, I was dizzy, tired, cranky, felt sick all the time, my anxiety increased and more. My body was starving and in the process I actually made my body more sick.

There is one more way that you can live: you create a relationship with food. “Food is your friend” you are not supposed to be scared of food or afraid that it could cause you to gain weight, but you should know what you are eating because it will effect you. ITs called balance- something that I did not develop until after I realized that I myself was afraid of food. What I did was iI created a goal, motivation. I began exercising and rewarding myself for what I was doing during my workout and how I was eating during the week. My goal was to feel comfortable enough in my body to have pictures put on Facebook (Thank you to my best friend), was to feel proud and make others proud through what I have accomplished, but honestly the best thing for me to motivate myself was helping others in the gym. They saw how hard I was working- so they pushed themselves. I have never had a better experience than the time when someone told me that I inspired them- so I do this for others, for other people to see that they can accomplish a goal if they push themselves, if they motivate themselves its just “hardwork and dedication” not starvation and letting yourself go.

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