Fear is something that either is developed over time or created by our own minds. Fear is extremely difficult to overcome. Over the past twenty years of my life, I developed my own fears. A few I can mention is my fear of spiders, my fear of lightning storms, and my fear of losing people. Overcoming these fears has always been a challenge for me. My friend and I last year began doing headstands and box jumps. Let me tell you! We were both petrified. It is an irrational fear of you hurting yourself, but once you let go and realize it is just a box, you notice that you have the ability to do anything. This week I had the honor of watching my clients and my friend do things they thought they would not be able to do. They all said to me, “I can’t do this.” I knew they could if they just believed that they would be ok and that we would not leave until they did it. Once they had that reassurance two of my clients did their very first box jumps. Their reactions were as follows, “Alex I hate you. Why did you make me do that?” I responded, “Are you proud of yourself because you were able to do it?” They not only agreed about how proud they were of themselves, but they kept doing box jumps for the next five minutes. This week, my friend was convinced that she could no longer do a headstand. But through my pushiness and her perseverance, she had the ability to push herself up and hold a headstand. They think that I am the one who pushed them to it and I inspired them to push that hard, but in reality they inspire me everyday. They have the ability to realize their true potential and once they overcome that fear, they could accomplish anything. They are my heroes! Below are videos and photos attached of my clients and my friend doing what they do best!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7CkfXtjwQRM- Watch AMY do her first box jump

IMG_4536– Aliza doing a headstand overcoming her fear!