Beginning a new job, new semester at school, or starting a new schedule, can be really stressful especially on your food intake. Coming back to school, my friends and I have found that eating on a budget, packing for class, and continuing to eat healthy is extremely difficult.  However, I realized that there is a way to succeed at eating healthy at school. Here are a few tips:
1. Try to pack Snacks and Meals the night before. On Sunday, I prepared Farro for the entire week; that way when I get home late I can put it on a salad. Everyday I try to prepare snacks, such as, carrots, granola bars, oatmeal, peanut butter, fruit, crackers, muffins, nuts, and rice and chicken.
2. I try to bring as little money with me as possible so I am not tempted to buy any food at Dunkin Donuts or the Convenient Store.
3. Buy a lunchbox to you can carry with you all the foods you need during the day.
4. Buy products that are easy and quick to make. You can make eggs (hard boiled prepared for a few days and eat for snack, breakfast or lunch with toast), frozen vegetables with no sauce or added salt with a roasted potato and chicken/fish/meat (that was prepared yesterday), Grains or instant rice can be made quickly. In addition, tuna, noodles, oatmeal, grains, bread, peanut butter, frozen fruit juice pops, and chocolate covered strawberries with no added sugar, can all be made or eaten quickly. There are many ways to eat healthy during a new schedule. It is not easy, but its possible 🙂