How to make eating healthy easy! — August 7, 2015

How to make eating healthy easy!

Everyone who I talk to about eating healthy, always say its to expensive, its take to much time to make and cook, I would rather eat a donut!! But honestly, I spend at least once a week at the supermarket and I have found so many options to replace unhealthy options! It really just takes dedication and motivation to be healthy. People believe that if you restrict your foods that you are not living! Why not just eat whatever you want? Well my sister came up with a great line!

She said that when people tell you whats the point of a nutritionist. People should just eat whatever they want, you should respond-“ok, let me know when you get diabetes and you need a nutritionist” This is very true because people eat whatever they want and then later in life it screws them over. I have seen it. My mom loves food and she does not want to restrict herself like me, but that causes a lot of issues like low self esteem, more prone to depression, at risk for heart disease, diabetes, and stroke plus more! MY dad was overweight and that led to diabetes and heart disease.

You might think that if you eat whatever you want and you dont gain weight, it does not have an effect on the body, but newsflash it does!! You may not gain weight because of your metabolism or other causes, but it still has the same effect on your arteries, liver, pancreas, and brain!

So my idea is to not restrict yourself, just be knowledgable about what you are eating and how to eat healthy easily.


frozen 100% whole grain or buckwheat/ spelt waffles- these you can just put in the toaster, add some peanut butter with a banana or apple is a perfect quick and easy breakfast. you can also do this with a piece of 100% whole grain toast! Nature’s makes great cereals, oatmeal, granola, waffles, and bread! some of them are gluten free and some use spelt whi¬†ch do not upset my stomach ūüôā¬†waf-6pk-buckwheat-us-a1l1_0 (1)

you can have eggs with fresh vegetables with toast and a glass of milk

a yogurt parfait with fresh fruit and granola


Honey spelt pretzels- these are delicious and addictive. Happy Herbert’s makes all different kinds of pretzels!¬†HONEY-SPELT

Chia puddings- some people might like these- they have the same texture as pudding but do not exactly taste the same.


granola bars- Now these can be tricky because some granola bars use high fructose corn syrup or their sugar content is above 13 grams. Some bars you see with a list of a hundred ingredients. That cannot be healthy!! So the ones I suggest are kind, the new cliff bars that are allergy free called kits, macro pars, and pure bars.

For quick lunches- At whole foods and shoprite, they sell prepared tofu that was marinated either lemon pepper, sesame… if you are going to go frozen food- buy Amy’s burritos or burgers because they are lower in sodium than most other products. They are also kosher.

For quick dinners- you can microwave a sweet potato, grill a chicken cutlet and have with some microwave vegetables. The tofutti company started making these vegetarian/ vegan raviolis that are delicious and not bad for you!

IF you are in college and you are going to the dining hall-

  1. start with the vegetables and make sure that it is half of your plate
  2. Then check out to see if there is any soup- if the soup is made with cream it will be unhealthy (cream of mushroom…), but chicken, vegetable, tomato, sweet potato is better- remember soups can be high in sodium so stick to one bowl
  3. make your way to the actual main meal- if there is anything like eggplant parm, fried chicken, fries, onion rings, hotdogs, Chinese food- try to limit yourself to those foods- they are either processed or fried and either way- itll hurt your body. stick to the grilled chicken or beef, burgers try to limit yourself to 2.
  4. if you have no other option to eat the food there like spagetti and meatballs try to keep to portion control and fill the rest of your plate with fruit and veggies!

If anyone else wants more substitutions   or ideas for meals or snacks, let me now I have millions! I just cant write them all down.

this week I made:

Chocolate cake with a few secret healthy ingredients!! you will never guess! FullSizeRender (32)

Then I made these mini cupcake canollis! FullSizeRender (28)

Lastly, I made a farro, sweet potato, arugala salad! I have the recipe in a book so if anyone wants it let me know! IT is delicious!

FullSizeRender (30)

Anxiety: friend or foe? — July 31, 2015

Anxiety: friend or foe?

Hey Everyone! I wanted to reveal something to you before I start writing about anxiety and people tell me I do not know where they are coming from. My entire life through high school I have had anxiety issues and in order to control them, I became controlling. It was almost like I was OCD about everything! The house had to be so neat, the kitchen spotless, when I am cooking I am the only one who could be in the kitchen, my homework was always done, I always studied hard for my exams, everything had to be perfect. If it was not, I would literally yell like a monster- it was a scary experience. I never thought it could get worse.

Ever since college started and everyone told me how it was so hard to get into a dietetic internship, my anxiety has skyrocketed to a point where I do not even want to go back to school. I constantly have anxiety about classes, studying, making sure I am staying social so I don’t lose my friends- it is really hard to keep up with. I randomly have these anxiety attacks because school is approaching. Last year, it led to panic attacks and I could not even go to events because it would just happen. As a result, I made myself sick.

Anxiety is not something you can control. It can creep up on you at the most random moments. Yes, medicine sometimes helps, but not for everyone. Sometimes people are stuck . The only way to get control of your anxiety is to get control of yourself. Learn the triggers and when you know its about to come, try to relax, think positively, think of somethinfg, anything good in your life. What has helped me is yoga. I take it every week and it taught me how to breathe correctly and release my stress. Another way is working out. Sometimes I even have my attacks there, but I sit down, I breathe and kick the anxiety away. My favorite way was the advice my aunt gave me (my aunt just had her third liver transplant and been in the hospital for 2 months) she said that anything that bothers you or stresses you out, you have to push away whether its friends, events, the smallest things and once you push it away, you focus on yourself and think about what you need and how you can help yourself.

Now I said is anxiety a friend or a foe? I think its both. Anxiety can be used as a control to help you understand what you need and whats important to your health. Yes, I cry a lot when I have anxiety attacks- I shake, I have issues breathing, my body becomes completely drained, my heart races and I just want to cry- thats where the foe comes in. But as a result, I learned that sometimes I need to take a step back and look at what am I doing. Am I taking on to much, do I worry to much about what other people want from me and I end up not taking care of myself, do I need a break. IT also helps me understand that not everything in life is perfect- that I dont have a perfect life, but I learned to be ok with it. For the past 3 months I have worked in a cancer center and seeing how they can survive chemotherapy and radiation is beyond me. Now I am interning at the Hackensack Fitness and Wellness and still even the clients I have seen what they go through is a struggle. For example, we had one woman who has acid reflux and fibro myalgia, but that was not all. A few years ago, she fell down the stairs and broke both of her wrists, had to have a kidney taken out because it was damaged to much, and head trauma, but she still finds the courage to ask for help on nutrition and how to help her with weight loss. On the contrary to a lot of peoples beliefs, even obesity is a struggle. Yes, there are people who like to eat and just do, but then there are those people who emotionally eat and they eat because of struggles in their lives – if you do not believe me watch Extreme weight loss with chris powell- the stories will break you.

I have seen the best and worst of life, but even though I have anxiety I know I am not alone with struggles. It has taught me to ask for help when I need it, it has taught me that I am so lucky compared to what other people go to, but it also gives me strength because if I can work through my anxiety and still end up with a happy life- then f*** anxiety because I beat it and so can you!

Recipes of the week:

If you want to try this: I make this amazing bread crumb topping for chicken, fish, or really anything- I give all the credit to my sister. Its gluten free bread crumbs with a little olive oil, paprika, and a little chili powder. I put spicy dijon mustard for the base and then throw the crumbs on and its delicious!!

nothing is ready yet so I cant really post pictures but here are the recipes and their pictures:


chocolate chip cookie dough pops!!


pumpkin creamsicle!

chocolate chip cookies with caramel inside!! These are so good!! the caramel gets soaked up in the cookie and its really good!FullSizeRender (27)

“working out” at the gym — July 24, 2015

“working out” at the gym

Hey everyone!

You know when guys at the gym look at the girls in the mirror or through their peripheral vision check the girls out who are working out by them? you know when they started really working out hard to impress the girl if she is pretty? you know when girls get dressed up, where nice workout clothes or sometimes less clothing, put make up on, straighten their hair to impress the guys at the gym? You know when girls workout harder because of the hot guy working out by them?

we all do it! I do not think there is one person on this planet who does not. I know for sure I do! When the football players come to my gym at work to workout, I definitely workout harder than usual. but honestly, I go to the gym 5-6 times a week and I see the same girls and guys getting dressed up to go the gym or dressed down in no clothes. why they do it, I dont know. The gym is somewhere where people can get there stress out, get down and sweaty, do their routine, have fun training with their friends, have a good time, but putting on makeup and straightening your hair in the morning just to get all sweaty and gross whats the purpose?

I think looking gross and being sweaty at the gym should be a rule! you should embrace your true sweatiness and your sweaty side! My sister once said that she wishes she would come out of the gym looking like Taylor swift does! But why?? if you did not sweat, that means that you did not have a good workout (maybe just stared at a guys butt doing squats) working out at the gym should be about your own personal goals and your own routine and sometimes it can be social with your friends and people you meet ( i make friends all the time at the gym), but checking people out and getting dressed up eh… save that more for when you go to a party, bar, or club!

healthy recipes!!

I made two types of popsicles this weekend! they are ready yet so i couldnt take a picture, but this is what they look like!


cookies-and-coconut-milk-Popsicles-13 (1)

Then I made peanut butter rice krispie treats made with coconut milk, peanut butter, vegan marshmellows, and brown rice krispies! and i sprinkled coarse salt on top! yum!!

FullSizeRender (25)

I also made a tofu ricotta cheese! Now i hate ricotta cheese but this was so good!!  This is the recipe!! FullSizeRender (26)

Why is there a title for our body? — July 17, 2015

Why is there a title for our body?

In every magazine, you hear the questions, “are you curvy, apple or pear shaped, thin, big boned…” What are these words besides labels people decided to give people who did not look like stick thin models. Over the past decade, we have seen in every magazine, fashion show a certain stereotype of woman- stick thin size 0, flat chested, tall women or even six pack, tall, toned men. Over the past year. Certain magazines decided to post ads or covers with plus size models. People started to ask me. “Should that be allowed” “that’s not promoting healthy” some people even say they are ugly and have terrible bodies. I think that those people don’t understand the concept of a body.

the body is a complex thing made up of living cells I the body, with muscles, tendons, joints, organs, but even more so fat cells. Every single persons body is different. It works differently and functions differently and reacts differently. You can have two people who run everyday, ¬†and eat healthy but one be heavier than the other. That doesn’t mean they are not healthy! Fat in the body is affected by multiple things: medicine, illnesses such as depression and anxiety basically anything stress related, food, lifestyle, and others. But yet everyone is still defined by the same set of labels.

it is because of those labels that have caused low self esteem and confidence, bullying, judgement on people who don’t look like models, and consequently the more negative comments a person gets the more depressed and heavier they become( unless used as a motivator) ¬†being a person who fell victim to such negative comments understands how hurtful they can be!!

so before a person defines someone else’s body, think- how would you feel if someone defined your body? If someone put you down because you were heavier even though you are made up of entire muscle (like an athlete) if someone put you down because you were flat chested and had no butt bc of genetics. If someone called you big and fat because of a fat gene( there is such a thing)

Moral of the story is don’t define your body based off of labels or what other people tell you what yor look like. Define yourself base on how you and base on What you see!

Here are some cool healthy recipes that you can try.

FullSizeRender (22)

Instead of fattening egg salad, you can make it out of chickpeas and avocado!

FullSizeRender (23) these are fun snowball donuts!!

FullSizeRender (18) These are quinoa sloppy joes on a 100% whole wheat bun! it was so good and instead of ketchup i used no salt added marinara and added my own spices

FullSizeRender (17) These are donut muffins that are made with spelt flour



I have recently been noticing a lot lately that my friends and family are having trouble with the number they see on the scale. When I first started my weightloss journey, I have to be honest, I became addicted with looking at the scale. I already had comments made to me that I was fat, curvy, nicknamed thunder thighs, I would not wear a bathing suit because of all the stares I got, and the best part was when my doctor told me that if I keep gaining, it will not be good. So I befriended the scale, looking at my weight twice a week to see if I lost anything. I was eating healthier, I started exercising, but the weight was just not going down. I started on the scale at 150 pounds at a height of 5’3. But because the number on the scale was not going down, I started to get even stricter on my diet and once I did that I started to see the numbers go down. As a result, I got stricter and stricter in my diet and kept looking at the scale because I was seeing results so that must mean the less I eat the better the scale will look. I did this to the point where I was checking my weight everyday looking for ¬†my goal weight at 125 pounds. During one summer at Moshava sleep away camp, their food was disgusting to me because it was all unhealthy (I used to be able to easily eat 4 slices of pizza in one sitting, but my perspective changed) I got so strict to the point in camp where all I ate was vegetables, fruit, whole grains, and cereal. I lost 10 pounds in 2 and a half weeks and got down to 129. I was so much happier even though I was not being healthy.It became an obsession, AN ADDICTION.

I have seen this also in my friends and family. They befriend the scale and come to say hi basically every day or even four times a week and when they dont like the number, they get depressed and either eat to much or eat to little. MY dad started to weigh himself and then on monday mornings after a weekened he would weigh himself!! that is the worse thing you can do. Because on the weekends, you eat more, are less active during the day, your body holds onto that food more (most people bloat a little) and then you tend to weigh more! Mondays are off limits in my book!! Its not a real number.

so rule number one:

  1. do not weigh yourself on monday
  2. do not weigh yourself after you ate late the night before
  3. do not weigh youself after you ate fast food or take out the night before
  4. do not weigh yourself if you do not sleep well
  5. do not weigh yourself after you have eaten
  6. do not weigh yourself if you have had alcohol the night before
  7. do not weigh yourself if you had a cheat meal the night before

THE GOAL IS TO WEIGH YOURSELF IN THE MORNING BEFORE YOU EAT OR DRINK AND IF YOU ATE HEALTHY THE DAY BEFORE! THAT WILL BE YOUR REAL WEIGHT! But I recommend weighing yourself either on Thursday morning (if your party on thursday nights) or friday morning (so you know you can cheat on the weekends if the number is good)

I cannot emphasize enough that losing weight is not a competition, its something you do for yourself to make yourself feel good, to do it in a healthy way, to not become obsessed! If anyone would like to contact me about any of their issues my e-mail is

now heres a recipe ūüôā FullSizeRender (16)

Nutrition Myths! — June 26, 2015

Nutrition Myths!

Hey everyone!

so this week at work, my boss and Sue Krauss gave a lecture on nutrition myths and most people thought the myth was true so I thought it was a good idea to go through it with you to show everyone what is reality and what is not.

    1. well actually if you eat lower than 1200 calories your body needs to get energy somehow and because fat has more energy than carbs, your body converts anything you eat into fat and that contributes to weight gain. It lowers your metabolism, your body adapts to this conditions which also contirbutes to weight gain. Another way that its dangerous is that when you do not eat at all, your body goes into fight or flight and starts taking energy from where ever and if you do not have any food in you for to long, your body will find it in your organs and your body can shut down.
    2. so what you do is you eat either above 1200 calories or use a specific formula to calculate what you should be eatng with your energy level! let me know if you want me to calculate this for you! it is the most accurate way to calculate your caloric intake than any other.
  2. carbs are bad for your
    1. carbs are your main source of energy and 45%-65% of your diet should be carbs and if not it leads to faitgue, headaches…. just do not get them from bagels, white rice, sushi, potato chips. instead get them from fruit, vegetables, grains beans.
  3. a low fat diet is better
    1. your diet should consist of 20-35% fat because its used for cell membranes, precurso for hormones and aids in vitamin absorption. aim for monounsaturated and polyunsaturated found in fish, nuts, beans, coconut oil, olive oil…
  4. gluten free diet is better for you
    1. actually gluten free products, many of them have more calorie than regular items. gluten is just a protein. only people with sensitivity or celiac disease should be on a gluten free diet
  5. ill lose a lot of weight if I wear layers and sweat
    1. you are just losing water weight when you sweat and it does not let your body cool effectively so the workout is not as effective
  6. low-fat, low-sodium, sugar free is better for you
    1. many foods with these labels have added ingredients to compensate for the fact they that took something out so you always have to look at the ingredient label.
  7. eating close to bed time will make you gain weight
    1. this depends on your situation. if you are someone who goes to sleep at 2 am and the last time they eat is 10pm it will not effect you that much. However, if it is a piece of cake vs. carrots and hummus it might have an effect. Most people if they go to bed at 11 or 12 should stop eating around 8. But if you are one of those people who cannot go to sleep hungry, have a small snack of air pop popcorn, unsalted pretzels, something light.
    2. If you have acid reflux or any stomach problems it is not recommend because your metabolism does slow down when you sleep and it will cause more discomfort.
  8. foods lower on the glycemic index are better for your body than those higher on the glycemic index.
    1. some healthy foods can be found on the higher end like carrots while some unhealthy foods can be found on the lower end. so it depends.
    2. fibers, fats and proteins are lower GI
    3. if you have something that is high on the GI than you can pair it with a healthy protein which lowers the GI because it takes longer to process in the body which is does not do when eaten alone
  9. eggs raise cholesterol levels
    1. Dietary cholesterol in food has a smaller effect on biochemical lipid values than fats in the diet. Eggs are a source of protein, b12, vitamin d, folate, choline, riboflavin, carotenoids. Healthy adults can have one a day and those with heart disease or diabetes should have 3 per week
  10. coconut oil is a miracle fat
    1. limited evidence on this but because it is a medium chain fatty acid instead of long chain, it takes longer to digest making you more satiated and fuller longer. it may raise HDL and lower LDL but remmeber it is a saturated fat so limit the amount you have <10% of your daily value.

This week I made an amazing meal. IT was a dumpling dough made out of chickpea flour, water and oil with spices (i kind of made up the recipe) with either meat stir fry or veggie stir fry. On the side i made yuca fries that were amazing! Yuca is basically like a potato

FullSizeRender (15)

Today, I made a peanut butter chocolate chip cookie pie which is going to go along with a chocolate ice cream! FullSizeRender (14)

LAstly, i made maple banana pecan scones that taste so good with coarse salt on the top! IMG_3195

I started a new exercise this week. its called a high plank to squat. You can reform it to do a squat to high plank and push up to make it more intense. images

So much Peanut butter! — June 19, 2015

So much Peanut butter!

Hey Guys! Today is going to be a short blog because it has been a long week. Good news though I shadowed my first client! IT was very cool to see how each client is different and has a set of different exercises. A big questions that I have heard if I have been eating healthy and working out and not losing weight what do I do now if not I am no longer losing weight.

The first meaning of this is called a plateau. Your metabolism can easily get used to your diet or your workout. So what you do is one day you have the ability eat more calories than usual on one day (not unhealthy food/ or one cheat meal) and than the next day eat a normal amount. That will shock your metabolism. In addition, you can shock your metabolism by changing your workout every week. Your muscles get used to the machines and actually will maintain your weight instead of losing it. What I do is I set a schedule of what I am going to do each day. My dad adds 3 new machines every.

Another meaning is that there could be another factor. For example, stress releases a hormone caled cortisol that actually stimulates your body to slow your metabolism and increase hunger= gaining weight. Another factor is sleep. IF you do not get enough sleep, your body slowly starts to shut down and tries to use every piece of sugar or fat in your body so again your hunger increases. Another factor could be, that you are not eating enough. People come to my boss’s office and say I am eating 3 meals a day and its all healthy, but sometimes it does not even add up to 1200 calories. Your body needs at least that amount ot function so an easy fix for that is to record what your eating on fitbit or myfitnesspal to help you out!

This week I made homemade reese’s pieces and cut them up and put them on top of a vegan peanut butter cheesecake (no cheese). its tastes like a mini ice cream cake! It is so good!

IMG_3192 IMG_3191

Headstands and healthy recipes that taste just like the original! — June 12, 2015

Headstands and healthy recipes that taste just like the original!

Today, I went a little overboard on the new recipes that I found, but they are so easy, healthy and taste like the original! This week I shadowed a few clients and realized that they all had one thing in common- they all make the excuse that buying food out saves so much time and money, that they can still find healthy options at a resutraunt. The last part may be true, but some people do not realize how much they are actually eating. For example, lets say someone buys a salad and they put dressing on- whats in the dressing, how caloric is it, does it have any sugar added to it. Another example is lets say someone buys a slice of pizza with a side salad, but at least for me I know that if I get one slice I want another. Plus, once again you do not know whats in it. Obviously, eating out once a week its perfectly ok, it is actually suggested (or having one cheat day/meal a week). This is because when you et differently one day of the week and with mroe calories, your metabolism is actually boosted and you could lose more weight. However, if you are doing more than once a week, it could have negative effects. I can give you a story:

This week we ordered veggie heaven for dinner and my sister and I split the sesame beef. Little did I know that it was fried. Of course it tasted delicious, but something fried vs. something in a wok or just put in a sauce nutritionally is highly significant. I cannot emphasize enough that yes eating out may be delcious and less time consuming, but because you do not know what is put in it, if you are aiming for weight loss, it is not your best option. You can try many recipes, make them in bulk and save them for the week: grilled chicken, soup, a ziti you can prepare the night before and jsut warm it up the next day, beans are quick, you can buy bagged lettuce, frozen vegetables, frozen whole grain/ gluten free waffles, or make a sandwich. These are all quick easy ways to prepare your meals so that you do not have to spend to much time on them.

Here is what i made this week

FullSizeRender (12) This is fehttuchini Alfredo healthy version and it tastes so good!

FullSizeRender (9)Roasted broccoli, cauliflower, and zucchini with nutritional yeast (p.s. it tastes like cheese)

FullSizeRender (10)Roasted asparagus with lemon juice ūüôā

FullSizeRender (11)FullSizeRender (8)

Coffee cake yummy!! its tastes so good and like real coffee cake!

FullSizeRender (7) FullSizeRender (6)

These are my favorite! I made blueberry or chocolate chip mini muffins with maple funfetti icing for the top!

Everyone says that learning how to do a headstand is so hard and crazy, but honestly yes it does take time and practice and balance but its a good workout and totally worth it when you accomplish it. practice first by the wall. overall this is the process:


1. do a tripod

2. slowly lift your legs up- remember all the power comes from your core, not your arms, not your legs, but your entire core. 10648636_10206523454589126_2051897071362027741_o

3. at first let your legs hit the wall11082314_10206527804097861_8837073534609222050_o

4. slowly try to come off a little by little, by challenging yourself by splitting your legs on the wall or stretching one leg out while the other stay straight. eventually as your practice you will get off the wall and it feels so good!


Then, you can learn to do different tricks!

11082401_10206501102830346_7879124972208180212_o 1381164_10205531006858553_4086631981899760406_n 11027980_10206379807198031_6793353599027424167_o  10944854_10206583798017674_9206259830660040296_o 11130195_10206583811298006_7858715500878229790_o  11012161_10206905299135001_3901385977937537701_o

what’s a realistic lifetime diet? — June 5, 2015

what’s a realistic lifetime diet?

My cousin posted on my comment this week “What’s a realistic lifetime diet?” MY answer to that is that when you want to lose weight, gain muscle, or be healthy you cannot live on a diet. diet means that there is something being restricted and like the say when you do not have something, you crave it more. Try not having chocolate for a week and all youll think about is having chocolate- its torturous. My advice is that you take it a step at a time. IF you drink 5 diet sodas a week, try to cut it down to four and then three. Eating healthy is a process. Completely cutting something may help some people like me, but most people it just makes them depressed or more hungry. Take my dad for example. He hated vegetables, fruits, and most healthy foods. So what my sister and I did was start to give him one vegetable at a time that physcially appealed to him. For example, we took a sweet potato and made it into fries instead of white potatoes, we took white dough and made it half/half white whole wheat dough, and every week at the grocery store we pick out a new vegetable to try. We take it one step at a time and so far it has been completely successful. You can start replacing donuts and chips with something that is less caloric. Remember its not about having a diet, its¬†about being healthy and not starving yourself!! You can have one day that is horrible and still ¬†be healthy the next day. One day does not make a difference, even a week does not, but being healthy does give you more energy, and it lowers your chances of getting sick now or in the future. It makes you feel so much happier and that you are actually living your life in a good way!

I made two things this week that I thought were delicious:


11411647_891253784267272_1197040392578262567_o¬† These are hamburgers made out of turkey chopmeat with sauteed onions and “fried brown rice.” the fried rice is made out of brown rice and then thrown into a wok with eggs, little chicken soup broth, and a little reduced sodium Tamari sauce. The burger has Tamari sauce, liquid amino garlic sauce, liquid smoke, and sesame oil!! It was healthier and still delicious. If you would like the directions to cook it let me know!

The second thing was 11407022_891657644226886_2497580305761170869_n Banoffee Pie that has a homemade toffee and whipped cream! It looks and sounds amazing!


Part two of legs!!

Who likes lunges??

images (3)This is what lunges work out in your body. Your glutes, hamstrings, and quadraceps.

download (1)

This is a glute bridge that works your butt, quads, and core!

images (7)This is an advanced version of a glute bridge that works your calves, quads, and gluts.

images (6)  This is a leg lift with a plank that works your core, legs, and butt. When you lift your leg dont hyperextend your legs. Make sure it is the same level as your hip.

images (4)This is a jump lunge that is a pylometric exercise that is cardio and works your quads majorly and your hamstrings!!

images (5) This is a donkey kick!

images (2) This is a side lunge that works your inner thighs and hips

18863-1_nThis is a single legged lunge that is a little more advanced but it works wonders!

6-13_lungesThis is a simple lunge that you can do 3 sets of 10 on each leg every other day and your legs will look great after a few weeks!

Gluten free week with some leg exercise tips part 1 — May 29, 2015

Gluten free week with some leg exercise tips part 1

One of my friends asked me to do a leg workout sample for everyone so here it goes. For cardio, because treadmills can have the ability to hurt your knees, if you have knee trouble stay away! But What i love to do is Spin (Spin, Stepper, stationary bike, and rowing are all good for your legs.For strength training the most important thing to learn how to do is how to do a squat. People think its so easy but if you do it improperly, you can overtime really hurt your knees, feet, and hips. Here is a basic squat:

image08you want to make sure that your knees are in line with your first and second toes, that your back is aligned correctly and you are not bending over.  some examples of squats are: 8ced33e651c6e92f_Sumo-Squat.previewThis is a sumo squat where your legs are wider than a regular squat. It helps with that inner thigh fat that is such a pain to get rid of!!

1012-squat-thrust This is a squat thrust. You start with weights in your hands, squat down, and then thrust legs out like you would do in a burpee. This is cardio if you do it quickly, legs, arms and abs all in one.

downloadThis is my favorite jump squat. It is a good way to give you cardio just remember when you come down from the jump to keep your knees and back aligned.

images (1)  this is a single leg seated squat which requires a lot of balance, but its a good challenge. imagesThis is a weighted squat where the weight helps increase resistance.

If you are a beginner start with just a seated squat and work your way up! It is a lot of fun and kills your legs! Next week Ill post about certain machines and lunges to try.

This weekend I am making a few cool things that are all gluten free!!

FullSizeRender (1)FullSizeRenderThese are blueberry scones that look delicious. The flour that is used is almond flour!! It literally took me five minutes to make!

FullSizeRender (2) These are vegan chocolate chip gluten free cookies that use almond, quinoa and oat flour!  They taste amazing!

FullSizeRender (4)¬†I was starving so I made some spelt pancakes. This is made from a mix made by nature’s path called flax pancake mix. the only added sugar was cane sugar. This is a pancake mix that isnt so bad for you and its delicious!

ice cream This tastes and look delicious! Its Peanut butter cookie ice cream made from cashews and peanut butter cookies!!

Have a great weekend! enjoy my favorite cheat day!!

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